Peter started his career on television with ‘the Flaxton Boys’ and TV made him famous as he was still a teenager with ‘The Double Deckers’. It is therefore with his parts on television that we will present his career over the years.

Television has also offered him his favourite characters: Dominik Hide in the 80’s and Harry Pearce in the 2000’s.

Details of Peter Firth’s small screen work is listed below.



2014 Undeniable Andrew Rawlins Click
2013 Mayday Malcolm Spicer Click
2012 World Without End Earl Roland Click
2011 Spooks: 10 Sir Harry Pearce Click
2011 South Riding Anthony Snaith Click
2010 Blood and Oil Man in Bar Click
2010 Spooks: 9 Sir Harry Pearce Click
2009 Spooks: 8 Sir Harry Pearce Click
2008 Spooks: 7 Sir Harry Pearce Click
2007 Spooks: 6 Harry Pearce Click
2006 Spooks: 5 Harry Pearce Click
2006 Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire Vespasian Click
2005 Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: ‘Identity’ Dr Preston Blair Click
2005 Spooks: 4 Harry Pearce Click
2004 Spooks: 3 Harry Pearce Click
2003 Spooks: 2 Harry Pearce Click
2002 Spooks: 1 Harry Pearce Click
2002 The Vice: ‘No Man’s Land’ Keith Beaumont Click
2001 That’s Life: 10 episodes Prof Victor Leski Click
2000 That’s Life: 9 episodes Prof Victor Leski Click
2000 The Magicians Simon Magus Click
1999 Fitz: Cracker: ‘Best Boys’ Mitchell Grady Click
1999 The Magnificent Seven: ‘The New Law’ Fed Mshl Walter Bryce Click
1999 Total Recall 2070: 3 episodes Vincent Nagle Click
1998 Dead Man’s Gun: ‘The Ripper’ Archibald McCann Click
1997 The Broker’s Man: 4 episodes Alex ‘Godzilla’ Turnbull Click
1997 Holding On Mick Click
1997 Kavanagh QC: ‘Ancient History’ Charlie Beck Click
1996 And the Beat Goes On Francis Click
1996 Band of Gold: 3 episodes Brian Roberts Click
1996 The Witch’s Daughter Mr Jones Click
1995 Resort to Murder Peter Dennigan Click
1995 Soldier, Soldier: ‘Leaving’ Major Ben Collins Click
1994 Anna Lee: ‘Stalker’ Peter Wainwright Click
1994 Heartbeat: 7 episodes Dr James Radcliffe Click
1994 Highlander: ‘Warmonger’ Arthur Drake Click
1993 The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Stefan Click
1991 Murder in Eden Kenneth Potter Click
1987 Tickets for the Titanic: ‘The Way, the Truth, the Video’ Michael Click
1982 Another Flip for Dominick Hide Dominick Hide Click
1980 The Flipside of Dominick Hide Dominick Hide Click
1980 Tales of the Unexpected: ‘The Man at the Top’ Hardy Click
1976 Play of the Month: ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ Dorian Gray Click
1974 Disneyland: Diamonds on Wheels parts 1,2,3 Robert ‘Bobby’ Stewart Click
1973 Arthur of the Britons: ‘The Pupil’ Corin Click
1973 The Ballad of Ben Bagot Actor Click
1973 The Protectors: ‘Implicado’ Stephen Douglas Click
1973 Country Matters: The Simple Life Roger Blackburn Click
1972 Country Matters: The Sullens Sisters Tommy Adams Click
1972 The Adventures of Black Beauty: ‘Runaway’ David Abbott Click
1972 Home and Away Fred Click
1971 The Doctors: ’06/01/71′ Charlie Higson Click
1970 Here Come the Double Deckers Scooper Click
1969 The Flaxton Boys Archie Weeks Click
1969 How We Used to Live:’At the Seaside’ Urchin Click

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