From Franco Zeffirelli and Roman Polanski to Sidney Lumet and Steven Spielberg, Peter Firth has worked with some of the most famous directors of the 20th century. He could have had a high-profile career in Hollywood, but instead chose to work with young and unknown directors, participating in first films, and helping with independent projects such as “Letter to Brezhnev” and “White Angel”. This is one of the reasons he is such a fascinating actor!


2005 The Greatest Game Ever Played Lord Northcliffe Click
2004 Hawking Sir Fred Hoyle Click
2002 Me & Mrs Jones Benedict Click
2001 Pearl Harbour Capt Mervyn Bennion Click
2000 Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Masks of Evil Stefan Click
1999 Chill Factor Col Andrew Brynner Click
1998 Mighty Joe Young Garth Click
1997 Amistad Capt Fitzgerald Click
1997 The Garden of Redemption Nazi Commandant Click
1997 Gaston’s War Major Smith Click
1996 Merisairas Officer Roald Jensen Click
1996 Marco Polo: The Missing Chapter Rusticello Click
1995 An Awfully Big Adventure Bunny Click
1994 White Angel Leslie Steckler Click
1993 Shadowlands Dr Craig Click
1993 The Perfect Husband Franz Click
1992 The Pleasure Principle Dick Click
1991 Prisoner of Honor Major Henry Click
1991 Screen Two: Laughter of God Steve Clemant Click
1990 Screen  Two: Children Crossing Joe Click
1990 The Incident Geiger Click
1990 Blood Royal: William the Conqueror William Rufus Click
1990 The Rescuers Down Under Red Click
1990 Burndown Jake Stern Click
1990 The Hunt for Red October Ivan Putin Click
1989 Trouble in Paradise Adriaan Click
1989 Tree of Hands Terence Click
1988 Prisoner of Rio Clive Ingram Click
1987 Born of Fire Paul Bergson Click
1987 Screen Two: Northanger Abbey Henry Tilney Click
1986 A State of Emergency Dr Kenneth Parrish Click
1985 Lifeforce Col Colin Caine Click
1985 Letter to Brezhnev Peter Click
1984 Sword of the Valiant Sir Gawain (voice) Click
1984 White Elephant Peter Davidson Click
1983 The Aerodrome Roy Click
1982 Fire and Sword Dinas Click
1979 Tess Angel Clare Click
1979 When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder? Stephen Ryder Click
1977 Equus Alan Strang Click
1977 Joseph Andrews Joseph Andrews Click
1976 The Lady of the Camellias Armand Click
1976 Aces High Lt Stephen Croft Click
1975 King Arthur: The Young Warlord Corin Click
1973 Daniele and Maria Unknown Click
1972 Brother Sun, Sister Moon Unknown Click


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