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Here are some links to recent media articles given by Peter Firth. We are aware that there were lots more articles written during the last series of Spooks, however, it is an editorial choice to limit those shown on this page. This is because, many of them were repeating the same quotes from Peter, and this site would like to focus on a broad range of Peter’s work, and more personal interviews, rather than just Spooks.




28th November 2012

Huffington Post

Spooks Star Peter Firth On The Return Of Harry Pearce, And The Drawn Out Love Of Harry And Ruth




11th October 2011

Yorkshire Post

From child star to TV spymaster… an actor whose talents are no state secret




18th September 2011

Radio Times

Peter Firth on the final series of Spooks




13th March 2011

The Telegraph

I spend money beautifully



7th March 2011

The Daily Mail

Why TV Spook Harry needs his own safe house: Actor Peter Firth is selling his Marlow flat for a little more privacy




19th November 2010

Yorkshire Post

My Yorkshire: Peter Firth




16th October 2007

Woman’s Weekly

“On the Couch” Page 1




16th October 2007

Woman’s Weekly

“On the Couch” Page 2

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