New Online Store


New page added – an online store!

If you look at the top menu, you will see a new page added today – on online store where you can find links to purchase some wonderful Peter goodies.

When you click on the links given in the store, you will be taken to website, where you can complete your purchase. We would really appreciate if you would use these links to buy any of the items shown – it means the website owners get a few beans from Amazon to grow the beanstalk a bit taller.  There is a monthly cost to a hosting service to keep this website online, so recovering a small portion of this cost back, will be a big help. So once you’ve added an item to your basket, please come back to our site to click on the next item to purchase, and so on.

Thank you! You will be rewarded with lots more yummy Peter pictures in the future – the huge Spooks gallery will be one of them.

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