Welcome to our new PF site!

Good day all 🙂 Welcome to the new Peter Firth Fan site: aiming to be the most comprehensive fully up-to-date site for our favourite actor.

Things are moving quite quickly now, with new pages being added and updated daily. Keep a look out for the first competition some time soon – it’s something you won’t want to miss.

The ‘Gallery’ is currently a mixture of edited pictures, and ‘raw’ screen caps for you to play around with yourself. One by one, these ‘raw’ pictures will be edited by ‘admin’ and uploaded again. Thanks to Isa for supplying lots of these pictures to get the site up and running.

As well as the ‘Gallery’ being filled with hundreds of pictures, the ‘Work’ pages are mostly complete, and some of the ‘TV schedule’ pages too.

The ‘Articles’ section will soon be up and running too. At the moment, we are waiting for permissions from various publications, but will be uploading some later today.

Back to the grind-stone now – lots to do.

Hope you enjoy it here and come back soon.


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