Peter Firth starts filming new ITV drama ‘Undeniable’

It’s a day of brilliant news for Peter Firth fans. Not only has the Spooks film been confirmed by Kudos, but ITV have revealed that Peter is to star in a new thriller with Claire Goose titled ‘Undeniable’.

Undeniable is a two part thriller written by Chris Lang. Along with Peter Firth and Claire Goose, is Felix Scott, Christine Bottomley and Pippa Haywood.

The drama begins in 1991 on a sunny day in Long Mynd, Shropshire as Anne Fielding and her seven-year-old daughter Jane drive to a secluded tarn armed with a blanket and picnic basket.  Whilst Jane picks wild flowers at the waterside, Anne watches contentedly, reflecting on the new life stirring inside her. Moments later a shadow looms, as an unknown figure approaches her.

After hearing her mother cry out, Jane turns back to find a man crouched over Anne’s lifeless body holding a rock in his bloodied hand.

Twenty-three years on, Jane has a daughter of her own with her loving husband Rob, but the traumatic events of that day still haunt her. She bears the weight of being the sole witness to the heinous crime, and knowing that the man who killed her mother is still at large.

Then it happens…on a routine trip to hospital Jane locks eyes with a man that could be her mother’s killer. Andrew Bolton is a well-respected consultant oncologist and family man. His impeccable demeanor makes him an unlikely suspect and having wrongly identified others in the past, Jane’s family and the police worry this is yet another false claim and fear she is emotionally crumbling in front of their eyes.

However, Jane remains defiant. In her heart she believes she’s found the man who killed her mother decades earlier. Can she finally learn the truth about who killed her mother, and why?

Undeniable has been commissioned for ITV by Steve November and Victoria Fea.

“Undeniable is an original and powerful drama about a women’s battle to see the man responsible for her mother’s murder brought to justice. Chris Lang’s scripts are vivid and compelling, with strong central characters whom we really care about. This is a drama that will keep audiences emotionally involved right to the bitter end.” Said Victoria.

The Executive Producer and Producer of Undeniable is Jeremy Gwilt (Torn, The Little House).

“We are delighted to be making Undeniable for ITV,” said Jeremy Gwilt. “This affecting story grips from the outset and constantly switches perspective – is Jane actually right or is her obsession driving her to destroy a perfectly innocent man. Has Andrew successfully buried a vicious past beneath a veneer of respectability and how does Jane’s accusation test the unconditional love of the families on either side. I’m sure the show will have wide appeal.”

Filming is due to start in Dublin and County Wicklow in Ireland in November 2013.

Any more news for Peter Firth today? We’re on a roll! Spooks the movie plus this new thriller, Undeniable, and not forgetting tomorrow’s BBC Radio 4 play too! It’s like buses: wait for ages then three arrive. Peter as a bad man is always a treat so lets hope it airs sooner rather than later.

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