Spooks film ‘The Greater Good’ to begin filming 2014

After a very long anticipated wait, and plenty of teasing from our favourite actor, Peter Firth, it appears that the Spooks film titled ‘The Greater Good’ has been written and is due to begin filming early in 2014.


Bharat Nalluri, a well loved director by fans of the original Spooks series, will be directing the feature film.

The film, written by Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent, starts with  terrorist Adam Qasim escaping from MI5 custody during a routine handover and head of counter-terrorism, Harry Pearce, is blamed for the mistake.

Disgraced Harry Pearce appears to commit suicide and take a nose dive off a bridge into the Thames. His protégé Will Crombie is called in to help uncover what happened. With a devastating attack on London imminent, Will finds himself on the trail of a conspiracy that stretches from Vietnam to the Mediterranean.

It has been confirmed that Peter Firth, who played Harry in all 86 episodes of the TV series, will be reprising his role with additional cast currently under contract negotiation.

The producers are Jane Featherstone and Stephen Garrett for Kudos and Ollie Madden for Shine.

So at last some news of the Spooks film. I don’t like the sound of Peter Firth’s character Harry taking a header off a bridge, but I’m hoping that’s just a cover-up and, like many Spooks before him, he will magically appear when his name is cleared. While we’re at it, how about doing the same thing for Ruth Evershed?

The Spooks film, ‘The Greater Good’, has yet to be confirmed officially by Kudos, but as the writers named above have been tweeting about the news, and main stream magazines, such as Radio Times, have published the story, we believe it’s certain enough to let you know this brilliant news. Stay tuned to Peter Firth Fans for more news about the Spooks film and Peter Firth in the coming weeks.


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