Peter Firth reading BBC Radio 4 ‘A Book at Bedtime’

Peter Firth has recorded ten episodes of BBC Radio 4’s popular program ‘A Book at Bedtime’. The book he is narrating is called ‘The Professor of Truth’, by James Robertson. It will air on BBC Radio 4 from Monday 24th June until Friday 5th July 2013.

Award-winning author James Robertson’s new novel is a powerful work of fiction inspired by some of the aspects and events surrounding the Lockerbie bombing.



Twenty-one years after his wife and daughter were murdered in the bombing of a plane over Scotland, Alan Tealing, a university lecturer, still does not know the truth of what really happened on that terrible night. Obsessed by the details of what he has come to call ‘The Case’, he is sure that the man convicted of the atrocity was not responsible and that he himself has thus been deprived not only of justice but also of any chance of escape from his enduring grief.

When an American intelligence officer, apparently terminally ill and determined to settle his own accounts before he dies, arrives on his doorstep with information about a key witness in the trial, a fateful sequence of events is set in motion.

The episodes will air nightly on BBC Radio 4 from Monday 24th June at 10:45pm til 11:00pm. We will post a link to the online program nearer the date.

You can read a review of the book Peter reads here.  and can purchase your own copy to read along with Peter below (Hardback and Kindle):

Can you think of any better way to ease you into a restful sleep than to listen to Peter Firth’s voice every night for two weeks? No, neither can we. Happy listening folks.

Peter Firth, reading BBC Radio 4 ‘A Book At Bedtime’, James Robertson’s ‘The Professor of Truth’, starts Monday 24th June 2013, 10:45pm – 11:00pm and continues until Friday 5th July 2013.


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