World Without End Peter Firth Interview and Air Date For UK

Fabulous news today for British fans of Peter Firth: we finally know the air date for World Without End in the UK. The first episode of this new epic mini-series will be on Channel 4 on Saturday 12th January 2013, 9pm.

Cynthia Nixon, Peter Firth, Charlotte Riley and Miranda Richardson head up stellar cast in television adaptation of Ken Follett’s international bestseller, the sequel to The Pillars Of The Earth.

Featuring an exceptional cast including Cynthia Nixon (Sex & The City), Peter Firth (Spooks), Ben Chaplin (Dorian Gray), Charlotte Riley (The Take), Rupert Evans (The Little House), Tom Weston-Jones (Spooks) and Miranda Richardson (Harry Potter), this rousing new series is set two hundred years after The Pillars of the Earth, as both war and plague are waged upon the medieval town of Kingsbridge.

There have been many interviews with other World Without End cast members but we’re thrilled to be able to bring you the following interview with Peter, as he talks about his character, Sir Roland.

What sort of man is Sir Roland?

Roland actually came from quite modest beginnings but was full of aspiration and desire to better himself. The unfortunate dark side to him is that he will use any means at his disposal to further himself, he’s something as a social climber -slash -murderous go-getter, so he’s not a particularly nice person, but he certainly achieves some status, and eventually becomes the Earl of Shiring from just being a commoner.

As an Earl, what sort of position does that put him in, in terms of having control over the people?

Being an Earl gives you localised power of your particular district, in this case Kingsbridge. So you would be responsible for being an emissary of the Queen or the King, whichever the case may be, and performing their tasks and instructions in your domain.

How did you become involved in the project?

I didn’t know the book before I became involved, but I did read it subsequently. It was really the period aspect that attracted me. I’ve done a lot of modern work recently, and I’ve always enjoyed period. You get fabulous costumes and quite florid dialogue, and get to ride horses and do sword fighting – all that stuff that as a schoolboy you aspired to.

He’s got a complicated history with Petranilla though?

Petranilla and Roland, like many couples who reach a certain age, in the middle age, have got quite a history. They have been together as lovers on and off over that period of time and know each other very well. I think it’s something that, when you get to know somebody that well over, say, thirty years, a bond forms that will see you through just about anything. She’s as bad as they come, and Roland is just as bad, they’re well matched. I don’t think there’s a more wicked couple in fiction or literature.

These characters are complicated and very rich, and Roland is capable of doing just about anything necessary to advance. Is that a role that you look at and think you can really sink your teeth in to?

It’s always more attractive to have a character with a dark side. For me, certainly, because there are levels to be explored and it’s license to maybe ham it up a little, slice it a little bit thick, but certainly to give it richness that a lot of characters wouldn’t have.

So don’t forget Peter Firth fans in the UK; World Without End, Channel 4, every Saturday night at 9pm from 12th January. At last! 🙂

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