Peter Firth Fans Forum is launched!


After much deliberation since last year, it was finally decided to launch a new part to the Peter Firth Fans website – a brand sparkly new forum! A safe place to chat and ruminate over all things Peter, make friends, and chat without the 140 character limit of Twitter.



Before we hear you cry ‘There’s already a forum elsewhere!’, yes, we are well aware of that and our answer is, there’s room for two. No site has monopoly on a discussion – variety is the spice of life after all. The internet is filled with themed forums and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one or two.


Ours is a new one with lots of amazing functionality. We have customized it to within an inch of its life, to give members the most fun experience online. You have to try it out to believe it. We’ve already played around with adding some threads and posts to get things started, so hopefully you will be able to see what I mean. You can add photos, videos, audio, and polls. You can change font style, family, size, colour: even make every letter a different size or colour if you want. You can easily add attachments, quote other people, add some really cool smilies, and basically edit every aspect of your post. Your avi can be 100×100 and upto 25kbs. Your signature can include pictures, can be up to a huge 300 characters, have lots of smilies, and be as colourful as you want. Overall, the standard text size is MUCH larger than usual forums, so it won’t be so hard to view it if you can’t find your specs. You can edit your profile, make personal notes on your own notepad, set up buddy lists, PM each other, give and receive star rewards for ‘reputation’, change what you view, change who can contact you…the list goes on.


We really hope this will be a well used new function of the website, and would love it to be a place where everyone feels able to join in the discussion. So please register, introduce yourself in the ‘Welcome’ thread, and start filling the pages with lovely Peter pictures and chat.


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