World Without End Press Release

A press release for ‘World Without End’ starring Peter Firth has been included in Shaw Media’s Autumn schedule information.

World Without End (Canadian Premiere, Canadian Original) FALL 2012

Ken Follett’s global bestseller World Without End premieres as an eight-part, one-hour event series on Showcase. Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Richardson, Ben Chaplin, Peter Firth, Charlotte Riley, and Canadians Megan Follows and Sarah Gadon headline the star-studded cast with director Michael Caton-Jones at the helm. The epic series follows Caris, a visionary young woman struggling to rise above the suffering and oppression in order to lead her people out of the dark times. England is on the brink of devastating war with France that will last over a hundred years, and a terrible plague is spreading that will wipe out a third of Europe’s population before it is done. With her lover Merthin, Caris builds a community that stands up to The Crown and The Church. Together, they unearth a dangerous secret and must fight to save their town of Kingsbridge from ruin, ultimately ushering in a new era of freedom, innovation and enlightenment.

Sounds an exciting story! Not long now until we get to see Peter Firth in ‘World Without End’   Roll on Autumn!

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