Sony TV to air Spooks from the beginning!

Great news for Peter Firth, Harry Pearce, and Spooks fans this afternoon. Sony Entertainment Television has purchased the rights to air Spooks in its entirety, starting from series one.

They are starting the Spooks marathon with series one, episode one, on Tuesday 16th May at 10pm, followed by the next episode at 11pm.
Sony TV is available on Sky TV channel 157, Virgin Media channel 193, and BT Vision’s ‘On Demand’ service. Unfortunately free to air fans will miss out this time.
What a wonderful opportunity for Peter’s fans to see the progression of his Harry Pearce character: how he made it his own. How he created a character that captured our hearts and imagination, spawning thousands of fanfics, pictures, videos, and the appreciation of fans and critics worldwide. The growth of the character and the way Peter’s exceptional acting skills bring the character to the forefront really is something to be appreciated. Watch again as Harry grows from a supporting character to the ‘still point of our turning world‘. Also, who would want to miss those sarcastic quips he is famous for; especially in the earlier series.
Happy viewing Spooks fans. We hope you enjoy the Summer of  Harry Pearce goodness on your television  🙂

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