Up until now, you will have noticed we avoided putting videos on our website. This was to avoid any hassles with copyright infringement, and being seen as publicly approving of such infringements. However, we’ve now found enough ‘legal’ videos to make it worthwhile posting them on our site. So you will see in the middle of the menu bar a new ‘Videos’ section. It has sub menus of ‘Film’, ‘TV’, ‘Interviews’, and ‘Spooks’ has it’s own section, due to the large number of videos on there (sub menu’d into ‘Series’).

We hope you enjoy watching the videos on this new section of our site. Most are embedded, but some you need to click the link to view at the original location, if embedding is not a possibility.

We are well aware of lots of other really interesting videos on sites such as Youtube, including programs, films, interviews, tv appearances, etc. Nevertheless, as we said, we’ve made this editorial decision to abstain, however very tempting it may be to join in the fun 😉

More videos will be added as and when we find time to search for them. In the meantime, we hope you continue having fun using our website, and learning more about Peter.

All the best.

Admin 🙂

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