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Tickets for The Greatest Show in the Galaxy have today gone on sale online.

This event, to be held in Peterborough in May, has Peter Firth listed as an invited guest. Of course, this will be subject to any other work commitments, so there is a real possibility that Peter will be unable to attend.  However, if it is the case that Peter does not attend the event as scheduled, most of the cost of the tickets purchased will be refunded (All, except the entry fee to the event).


The ticket structure may be a bit confusing, so to make things clearer…


1) Purchase an ‘Entry’ ticket in the first section of the page.

2) Select ‘Peter Firth Photo Shoot’ from the drop down menu, and select the number of photographs you want.

3) Select ‘An Autograph with Peter Firth’ from the drop down menu, and select the number of items you want autographed.

4) Check that all the options you have selected are on the same day (All 12th or all 13th May – unless you want to attend 2 days).

5) Proceed to ‘Checkout’.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The ticket cost for ‘An Autograph with Peter Firth’ is for ONE signature only! So, for example, if you are taking a Spooks book, a DVD and a photograph to be signed, you have to choose ‘THREE’ items and pay three times the cost. 


As already mentioned, there is no guarantee that Peter will be at this event. But the cost of Photograph and Autograph tickets will be refunded in the case of him being unable to attend.  You will just lose the ‘Entry’ ticket cost, as well as any travel and non-refundable accommodation you may have purchased to attend the event.

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope that it will be a wonderful time for fans to meet Peter.


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